How a Simple Approach to Social Media Marketing Works for Small Business Owners



“What exactly is it that you do?”


As a social media marketer, I hear that question from small business owners all the time.


My answer is simple – We do what you do.




Sure we manage all areas of social media for our clients – from Twitter, to Facebook, to Pinterest and Instagram, we cover it all. But our best asset is that we do what they do – only we do it online.


A lot of the businesses we work with are small independent businesses. These “mom and pop” type establishments have been in business for years and are successful at the face-to-face relationships they have with their customers. They rely on a hand-shake and word-of-mouth to grow their business each time a customer walks through their door.


This is exactly what we do online.



In social media the equivalent to a handshake is engagement. My team seeks out potential customers on our client’s behalf and essentially opens the door to conversation. Not unlike what our client does when a customer walks through their door. This gentle approach is not only refreshing but welcomed in this “in-your-face” fast-paced commercialized world we live in.


The great thing about social media like Facebook and Twitter is we can actually measure this engagement.








We can also look at how engagement compares with our client’s direct competitors.








Every business owner knows just how impactful it can be when one happy customer recommends them to someone else. What most people don’t realize is just how effortlessly it is to generate word of mouth on social media.


No matter which social media platform you look at, the common denominator is that each person is connected to at least one other person in some way. And for each follower or friend a person has the more potential they have to influence.


Every time someone checks-in, tags, pins, or reviews your business they are declaring to every person they’re connected to within that social media platform (and in some cases beyond) their relationship with your business.

Our approach is to nurture these relationships with dynamic and relevant conversations. The customer not only appreciates the genuine response but all their friends/followers are witnesses to it as well.


Is your business struggling to get reviews? We can help with that too!


This humanizing approach to social media is what makes us successful. Not only are we saving our client time and energy (because really who has time to manage their own social media?), but we’re creating a personal extension of their business in the social media and digital world.