The One Thing That Will Ruin Your Online Presence to Build Sales


Are customers visiting your website to never return?

Just how important is it to have a secure website?

By the end of 2017, Google began flagging unsecured websites with something that looks like this:

When internet users happen upon a site that does not have the necessary certificates verifying that they are a safe and reputable entity, they will likely see this message and exit out immediately. And rightfully so.

Website dangers

An unsecured site is at risk of unprotecting sensitive information entered by the user as it travels from the site to a server. Without that layer of security, that information is exposed and could be easily accessible by cybercriminals.

If you’re one of the many businesses that do not have a secured website that means that data submitted through your website could be intercepted by someone who is not supposed to have it – this includes contact forms, logins, chat logs, and payment information. Do you really want to expose your customers to that kind of liability?

How to get secure

Secure websites utilize SSL, which stands for Secure Socket Layer. SSL is a standard security technology that establishes an encrypted connection between a web server and a browser. This also indicated with the URL being prefixed with “HTTPS” rather than the standard and unsecure “HTTP”.

In simple terms, an SSL secures the information that is shared between your customer and your website. Without an SSL, any information that your customer would normally submit (email address, birthday, physical address) is sent as plain text and can be viewed if an attacker can intercept the information. An SSL encrypts the information so that even if a user’s information is intercepted by someone who is not supposed to have it they will not be able to read the data.

A website that has an SSL Certificate would look something like this:

The more common desktop browsers such as Google, Chrome, FireFox, and even mobile browsers, will not only show lock icons to indicate when a site is secure, they will use security as a way to rank your website. The bottom line is, your SEO ranking may tank because your site’s not secure.

Not only does is it best practice for all businesses and organizations to get an SSL Certificate to optimize their search engine performance, but to establish credibility with visitors, and maintain a professional web presence.

For small business owners like yourself, we help get this certificate by making the process as pain-free as possible. The result being your customers feel safe visiting your website and you can rest easy knowing that your brand image is reflected in your web presence.