Trending Topic: Are TV and Print Marketing Obsolete?


Where Restaurant and Small Business Owners Should Focus Their Marketing Dollars


Recently, GroupM, a global media investment management company released a new report, “State of Digital”. This report looked at how the population

consumes content and where advertisers are most effective.


Based on the data collected, they are predicting that time spent with online media will surpass time spent with linear TV for the

first time in 2018.


Online content will have a 38% share, TV 37%, and the remaining percentage is shared across print and radio. That means that less than 25% of the population finds any value in print advertising.


What does this mean for small business owners who are looking to get more bang for their advertising dollars?


It’s pretty much a game changer. From social media to e-commerce, brands are shifting their focus to digital marketing.


I hear it all the time from independent businesses, “my customer isn’t on social media”. Think again! Just from looking at the numbers, we know that a wide demographic is logging onto Facebook every day.


The ultimate success of your business or restaurant is hinged upon reaching potential customers where they are. And based on this most recent study, we can confidently say they are online and ready to consume your branded content.