Top Review Sites You Should Be Managing for Your Restaurant to Build Sales


Do you know where your customers are talking about you online?

What do customers find when they search up your restaurant?

It may sound silly, but we’ve all probably Googled our name at one time or another. If you haven’t, I promise it can be quite entertaining. Go ahead and do it – I’ll wait.

Now that you’ve gotten that out of your system, let’s talk about your business. You may have already taken steps to get your website into shape – we’re talking SEO, keywords, meta tags. The works!

Unfortunately, most businesses fail to manage their review sites. This means that when others search for a local business, they either see zero feedback or a disproportionate amount of negative reviews. This can be devastating to your business as online reputation is key to conversion.

Here are the top review sites you should be managing for your restaurant.

Google Business

Getting your restaurant verified on Google Business allows your information to appear on Maps, Search, and other Google services. Your business page will include general information about your business, photos, overall star rating, recent reviews, hours, etc. Everything a potential diner would need to make a very hungry decision.

Pro tip - Replying to reviews (good and bad) show that you value input and humanizes your business.


With over 177 million reviews, Yelp is doing something right. Like Google Business, you’ll find reviews, images, and general information about your business. Visitors can also contact your business for quotes (think catering: weddings, events, etc.). Yelp has a new “Thank” button which allows you to thank those that have left positive reviews, but we still think an old fashioned personalized reply works best.

Pro tip - Yelp has a strict policy against soliciting for reviews.


Chances are your business is already on Facebook so this one’s a no-brainer. Facebook users can now recommend or not recommend your business. Your reviews and recommendations are front and center on your Facebook page. You can still respond to recommendations just like you did with reviews.

Pro tip – users can also place attributes of your business called Rich Endorsements


TripAdvisor users can search up restaurants in any locale just as they can hotels and flights. Like the others, general information and images are available but with Open Table users can also make a reservation through the TripAdvisor app or website.

27% of consumers looked online daily for a local business, most of whom are looking for restaurants.

If your restaurant doesn’t have reviews or a bunch of negative reviews, potential diners are going to go elsewhere. Don’t lose out on converting diners by ignoring online review sites and damaging your online reputation.

Review management software like the one we provide takes the hassle out of getting and keeping up with online reviews. To find out more, click the image below.