Business Owners: Three Key Items You Need To Be Aware Of Going Forward




The below information was drawn from the 2018 Q3 Global Digital Snapshot report.


Key #1 - Facebook still rules the roost



With Facebook reporting 2.2 billion active users, “That’s up 67 million – or three percent – compared to the previous quarter, which is all the more remarkable when we consider the challenges that Facebook has experienced over the past three months.”




Key #2 - Facebook isn’t going anywhere



We’ve debunked the Facebook isn’t for young people myth before. But here’s a new stat for you. 34 percent of the platform’s advertising audience is 25 and younger.




Key #3 - Videos Reign



Facebook users continue to engage with video more than any other type of post. Proof that media that moves is more eye catching and thus illicit more engagement (like, comment, or share) than static images. This includes Facebook Live videos.


These numbers reinforce that despite some recent negative press that Facebook continues to dominate the scene. Not only are users not making a mass exit, younger users are holding strong.


This means that creating a solid social media presence within Facebook is a safe bet when engaging with potential customers. Facebook users are looking for a meaningful and humanistic contact with other users and if you approach it with that mindset your business can fit right in.

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