Three Key Social Media Tips to Get You Noticed


Are you struggling to post quality content on social media to break through the algorithm?

Are your fans tired of seeing the same old posts?

If you are an independent business owner or chef, we have three key social media tips below to help you take control of your social media marketing plan!

We understand the hopelessness you feel because you lack time to create engaging content on social media.

We can help ease that overwhelming feeling with these 3 simple steps.

1. Think about your audience

Think about your demographic and they’re preferences. What does your clientele like to do, what do they talk about, how do they spend their money? If you’re thinking like those you want to reach, you’ll create content that is appealing to them.

2. Take inventory

How much content do you currently have? You don’t need to have professional images or videos. Actually, we tell our clients to use their phone. A candid photo taken shows authenticity and cuts through the “noise” of your competitor’s content. 

If your business isn’t of the visual nature, that’s ok! What are your assets? Do you have a special skill that you can feature? Highlight a team member’s specific expertise with your business. Offer tips and how-to’s and take your customer behind the scenes with a live video. Show them what makes you and your business unique.

3. Create a Calendar

Make the time to schedule your content. Customize a calendar with your current promotions you want to feature and you’ll have the perfect plan to execute quality content!

Don’t forget to add in local holidays and topical events to generate maximum engagement

So even if you’re small business owner who is a solopreneur, or you have a social media marketing team, it is possible to come up with a quick and easy game plan to achieve social media marketing success.

Bonus Tip!

Holidays are a great time to reach out to your target audience. Click here for more ways to get your brand in front of shoppers.