The Right Way to Respond to Facebook Reviews (Part 3 or 6)



This is part 3 of our 6 part series, The Tried and True Method for Growing Your Facebook Fan Base


How we contributed up to 20% in sales growth for our independent business clients via Social Media


Below we are going to share with you:


• Three key reasons to reply to every Facebook Review


• How Facebook Inc. rewards you when you get a review


• Tell you the #1 reason that Facebook Reviews can generate new sales



You've grown your Facebook fanbase, and now we want you to retain those Facebook fans by commenting and replying to those who interact with your Facebook page. Deepening the relationships with your current and future customers online is what will help drive long term sales for your business.


In our last article we told you how to increase sales and brand loyalty by engaging with customers online.


Just as you build sales for your independent business inside your four walls, you will do the same via your Facebook page by replying to reviews.


“Facebook reviews are the digital version of word-of-mouth”


In addition to replying to those who comment and check-ins to your page, replying to each review is imperative.


As we share with every prospective client:


The good news is that your competitors most likely are not answering their Facebook Reviews.


We want you to be replying to all reviews - good and bad. Unlike comments, 99% of the time reviews will be left by your current customers.


You want to retain every customer that visits you, right?


Just like you acknowledge your current customer’s feedback inside your business…we want you to acknowledge the time they took to provide feedback via your Facebook page as well!


While we certainly appreciate acquiring new customers to drive sales, we believe social media is just as much about retaining customers! It takes time and it may not always be pretty, but reviews provide great insight into how people really feel about your products and/or services.


“We believe social media is just as much about retaining customers!”



Also, like we mentioned in our last post, interacting with Facebook fans via comments and check-ins sends a signal to Facebook that your page has a priority in your fans lives. We will share more in a future article about the Facebook Algorithm




“The more frequent a Facebook fan interacts with your Facebook Business page…the greater chance your Facebook fan will see your next post.”


No matter how good your content is, if no one is interacting with it, it will eventually vanish from your fans’ newsfeed altogether. In this instance, silence is not golden!


Why You Must Respond to Reviews (whether you like it or not):


• Reviews give you an opportunity to follow up with a guest that may have had an exceptional (or not so exceptional) experience with your brand


• Expressing gratitude for positive feedback makes a human connection with your guest and lets them know that you truly care about their perception of you and your product


• Handling complaints in a professional manner shows that you’re willing to rectify and learn from any missteps


Ultimately, reviews are a report card for your business.


And just in case you were wondering, Facebook reviews are not going away. According to BrightLocal, Yelp and Facebook are the most trusted review sites for US consumers.





88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. This means that a large percent of your fanbase is interested in hearing what others have to say about your business. Whether you like it or not, they are forming a first impression based on what strangers have to say about your product, services, and facilities. Don’t ignore those reviews; respond to every single one of them.



How to Respond to Reviews



Everyone likes to receive a good review, so let the reviewer know just how much you appreciate them. You would do the same if someone told you across the counter how much they love your product or service, right? Of course! So let the reviewer know that they’ve been heard and that you want them to return as a customer.



Facebook reviews are the digital version of word-of-mouth

Word of Mouth = Long Term Sales Possibilities



Once someone leaves a review on your Facebook page most of their friends and connections are notified via Facebook. Now, they too can see that their friend left a nice review on your page = Word of Mouth = New Sale Possibilities.


Good Reviews:

• Maintain professional tone (always)

• Thank them for leaving a review

• Acknowledge and reiterate a positive aspect mentioned in the review (be specific)

• Encourage them to return/buy again




Negative Reviews:


Bad reviews can be tricky. However, you’ll want to address any situation as soon as possible and try to resolve it. Your proactive approach will be visible to anyone who happens to see that review and the goodwill you show goes a long way. It’s easy for someone to “hide” behind a bad review and say things they normally wouldn’t say in person, but as a business you’ll want to remain professional and courteous at all times.


• Maintain Professional tone (always)

• Sincerely apologize for their experience

• Assure them that their complaint will be taken seriously and action will be taken

• If further details are necessary to rectify an issue, ask reviewer to contact you via private message



Stay tuned for our next blog post: The Quickest and Easiest Way to Target Your Exact Market to Drive Sales via Facebook Boosts