The Easiest Way for Independent Businesses to Reach Their Target Market (Part 5 of 6)



This is part 5 of our 6 part series, The Tried and True Method for Growing Your Facebook Fan Base


How we contributed up to 20% in sales growth for our independent business clients via Social Media.



In our last article we told you the Quickest and Easiest Way to Target Your Exact Market to Drive Sales via Facebook Boosts.


Now that you’ve engaged your Facebook users online, and created great content to target your potential audience, it’s time to dive deeper into Facebook Ads.


Facebook Objectives:

  • Drive more engagement (likes, comments, shares) to your Facebook page, and thus driving additional word of mouth for your business = sales
  • Potentially pushes your Facebook content out to those who don’t already follow your page
  • Creates a call to action, if you choose, such as: booking an appointment, sign up for a newsletter, point of contact


Hitting the Right Target


  1. Location


Facebook ads have the ability to target a specific demographic based within a specific  location.



You can have your ad shown to people:
  • Who live in a specific location
  • Who were recently in a location (ideal for destination restaurants or hotel retargeting)
  • Who are traveling in a particular location (ideal for destination restaurants and hotels)


  1. You can send your content message to Facebook users who speak almost any language.


A great example: Pho restaurant owners could target those you speak Vietnamese on Facebook.



  1. Detailed Analytics that confirm your target market is seeing your content


Once your ad has run on Facebook, you’ll have access to basic analytics that show detail of how your target market consumed your content and how far it reached in the world of Facebook.


Once you’ve decided to run a Facebook ad, you’ll need to define your ad objective. You need to ask yourself this question before you begin to run an ad:


What do you want to accomplish by running an ad?


Five Facebook Ad Objectives that we suggest you start with

Objectives that we have utilized the most:


  • Reach
  • Awareness
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Messaging we are testing with a Chatbot with one of our clients.


To get started, follow the step by step guide right here.


Stay tuned for our next article: Facebook Algorithm