Terms of Use


Please READ carefully by purchasing a product, service or subscription you (herein referred to as “Client”) agrees to the follow terms stated herein.

1. Recurring Billing and Cancellation Terms

By purchasing a subscription product or service as indicated in the checkout form, you authorize us to charge your credit card or debit card for the amount identified in the checkout, including any recurring fees.

You must email hospitalityfan@gmail.com  to terminate subscription and recurring fees at least 2 business days before the billing date. You can also terminate the subscription service and update your billing information by visiting your Account at https://hospitalityfan.com/my-account .

Your are responsible for reviewing the billing date which can be found by logging in to your Account. When you have agreed to a minimum number of recurring fees in the checkout form or through a signed agreement, then you shall immediately owe and pay HospitalityFan any unpaid future recurring fees for the cancelled subscription.We recommend that you save, copy or print this acknowledgement for future reference.

2. Service Activation

New client services are activated within 30 days and all client account login credentials required for us to perform the service activation and setup service must be received by the client within 5 business days of our request for login credentials, unless otherwise agreed. Add-on services are activated within 5 business days.

For website hosting services, the plan starts immediately when you acquire it and the website will be ready to "go live" within 1 week. This period is used to optimized your website code, transfer data, configure the server and perform testing prior to sending live traffic to your website.

3. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - 100% Satisfaction Promise

We like to keep things simple and build our business on customer satisfaction. All new purchases are protected by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! Simply send us an email at hospitalityfan@gmail.com and we'll refund you. As the name implies this is only applicable for the first 30 days of service of any new client and does not apply to additional services purchased or rendered to existing clients.

Website Hosting Terms

4. Your Data is Your Data

You always have administrator access to your accounts and website and we will provide you with new login credentials upon request. All of your information and data always remains your property and is accessible to you. You understand that you are responsible for the costs of hiring experts and required services to manipulate your data or perform the migration. In the unlikely event of a dispute or migration of your services to another provider you will have full access to your data and website to perform the transfer. It’s simply the right thing to do.</p>

We understand the value and importance of your website, content, and marketing system for your business. That's why you own it, always.

5. Security

Hackers frequently exploit loopholes in old software versions and improper configuration which could cause thousands of dollars in damage. Through regular and timely maintenance, and monitoring, we help to protect your business and keep your assets online. Data stored on our servers is encrypted using 128 bit encryption.

6. Updates and Maintenance

Your website and related plugins and add-ons are updated regularly to ensure optimal security and performance of your services and optimal security. For all services we ensure each new software installed is compatible with your setup and will help your revert to backup data if necessary and at no additional cost. We understand it is crucial that your online business stays online.

7. Data Protection and Backups

Your website information is backed up daily. This increases the protection of your online business and ensures a speedy recovery in the unlikely event of successful attacks by hackers or other events that may compromise your site. Some clients also want to store an offline backup copy and we will assist you with setting this up for a $30 monthly fee.

8. High Speed

We will help you setup your website and online business system on cutting-edge distributed hosting service that is configured for optimal speed. If your business has peak demand periods the load balancing feature will adapt your hosting to handle the large volume of visitors to avoid bad user experience and service interruptions. We guarantee that your website will be at least 10% faster than your current host no matter where you host! If we don't meet this speed improvement we will continue optimizing your website and hosting to hit this goal or your money back.

9. Hosting Uptime and Redundancy

Your electronic commerce platform is meant to stay online; your business and clients depend on it. Our recommended suppliers provide 99.9% uptime and 100% redundancy, which means in the unlikely event of a server failure another one is seamlessly turned on to avoid significant interruptions of service. We are not responsible and cannot be held liable for service interruptions caused by 3rd parties and our suppliers as our setup services are provided on a best effort basis.

10. Service Capacity and Scalability Standard

Your basic hosting service plan includes hosting for up to 10,000 monthly visitors on a single website, unless otherwise indicated on the checkout page. Additional page views and extra websites are available at competitive market rates. We’ll help you determine your ideal setup.

11. Security Certificate and SSL & HTTPS Checkout

Your service includes the setup of a security certificate to enable HTTPS and SSL checkout (the lock icon) which gives confidence to your visitors that their sensitive information and credit card details are protected. Having an https website is now an important Google ranking factor which means that more visitors find your site through search engines.

12. Agreement to ActiveCampaign Terms of Service for Email Marketing service

If you acquire an email marketing plan with us, you are also bound by the Terms of Service of ActiveCampaign. By clicking to indicate your acceptance of the terms of purchase on checkout, or otherwise accessing or using the email marketing services, you agree to these ActiveCampaign Terms of services. Click here to read the ActiveCampaign Terms of Service.

Consent to this Agreement

By using this website and our products and services, both paid and unpaid, you agree to our Service Policy, and Terms of Use which can be found on the homepage of our website. If we make changes to our Service Policy, we will post those changes on this page. Please review this page frequently and prior to utilizing our services to remain up-to-date with our Service Policy.

This document was last updated on October 25, 2018. Changes were done to further define the website hosting terms since the last update on April 4, 2018.