3 Pro Tips and How You Can Apply Them to Your Small Business to Increase Sales


We have a saying in our line of work – what you do offline, you do online.


As a small business owner, you have the ability to provide a level of customer service that big business just can’t compete with. From a friendly welcome to personalized service and follow up, you have the ability to form a human interaction with your customers.


It’s no different when it comes to social media.



What you do physically every day in your business, you should be doing online.


For example, when a guest comes into your place of business you greet them. Same thing when a fan replies to your Facebook post or Tweet. Just as you would acknowledge a guest in person that says they appreciated your service, you wouldn’t ignore them, you would thank them and maybe have an additional conversation depending on the context.


We do the same thing online. If someone replies to a post saying they love your products, you would say thank you and ask them what they love best about it – just as you would do offline in person.


We have 5 Expert Tips from highly successful people in business and we’re going to show you how you can apply that to your social media presence.





No matter which social media platform you choose, the best way to create loyal customers is to make sure your brand is consistent with real life.


If you’re a restaurant, post about your menu, vibe, and the types of things your customers want to see. What are you talking about within the four walls of your restaurant? A new drink from the bartender? Live music on the weekends? The weather? Then do that.


Keep in conversational. There’s no reason to get salesy and keep pushing your lunch specials down everyone’s throat.


Also, don’t make the mistake and use social media as your personal platform. Avoid politics or controversial topics that don’t represent your brand.





This quote is over a quarter of a century old and it’s just as viable today as it was then.


Interacting in social media means that you’re actually having conversations with others by way of their comments. This goes way beyond posting on Facebook or Instagram – although you have to do that first in order to get comments.


By responding to comments you’re letting people know that you hear them and care about what they have to say.


We find that some business owners really struggle with this until we explain that it’s just like having a conversation in person. When someone walks through their door they don’t just immediately start listing all their business’s great qualities. They get to know the customer first and find out what it’s important to them.


Remember, what you do offline, you do online.





It’s inevitable, someone is not going to be happy with you, your employees, and/or your services. Just as you have a system in place to handle difficult customers at your business, you do the same in social media.


The ability to leave reviews on social media makes it easy for people to air their grievances but it’s also easy for business owners to follow up. Reaching out to a disgruntled guest allows you to personally apologize and possibly rectify a situation while maintaining your good-standing reputation and influence future customers in a positive way.


Not every customer can be satisfied, but at the very least you’ve discovered an area that could be improved upon and avoid future bad reviews.


By utilizing the advice of some of the most successful people in business, you can create a unique social media experience that brings in customers and ultimately sales. This successful humanistic approach is what we implement within our company for our clients.


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