The Benefits of Recruiting on Facebook for Your Small Business or Restaurant in Just 5 Minutes


It’s time to ditch your old methods for hiring and take a closer look at how you can use Facebook to find the right recruit. Newspaper ads and recruiting websites are expensive and a hassle.


In this article, I’m going to share the benefits and the exact steps of posting a job on Facebook. It literally takes 5 minutes to post a job and reach thousands of potential candidates.


Zero Cost

The big benefit here is that posting a job on Facebook is FREE. If you have a business page already set up then you can post a job. A lot of other sites may charge you to post a job, but then charge you if you want to maximize your reach.


Quick and Easy

Facebook job postings are easy to do. Fill in a few details and you’re done. And if you’re not sure what you’ll need to get started – just scroll down to end of this article.


Once the job is posted you will be able to track and review applications, contact applicants and schedule interviews right through Facebook Messenger. Or if you wish, applications can be sent to an email address.


Recruiting Fans

Because your job post shows up on your business page feed, those who like and follow you will see the post. Recruiting to your own fans may not only result in hiring a qualified candidate but hiring someone who has a personal connection with your business.


Even if you don’t hire from your fan base, your fans are sure to share the news that you’re hiring with their friends!


How it works

Job posts will appear in your News Feed, in the Jobs Bookmark, and alongside other posts on business pages.


When your job posts in the Jobs Bookmark, every single person with a Facebook page could potentially see your posting. That’s over 2 billion active monthly users!


When someone clicks Apply Now on your job posting a form will open that pre-populates information from their profile on Facebook. Anything that makes it easier for someone to complete the application the better – of course, they can always edit their information before submitting it.


Here’s the information you’ll need to create a job post:


·        Job Title

·        Location (default business address)

·        Salary (annual or hourly)

·        Job Type (full time, part time, volunteer, contract, internship)

·        Details – job description

·        Additional questions – Free form up to 3 questions using free text, yes/no, or multiple choice answers

·        Applications via email – optional, otherwise applications will appear in your inbox in Facebook Messenger

Like other posts, you can boost your job post from your Facebook business page to reach a larger or more targeted audience.

Keep in mind that job posts automatically expire after 30 days or you can choose to close it sooner if the position has been filled. If you need more time, you can always renew the job post.