Restaurant Owners – 3 steps to Improve Your Social Media Presence to Drive Sales



Looking to improve your social media presence?


Or just need help getting started?


Here are 3 tips to improve your social media presence.


#1 Create a Social Media Plan

Developing a marketing plan for social media is a must. Most small business owners are overwhelmed by trying to take on multiple platforms at once – eventually burning out and giving up altogether.


Creating a plan makes you more efficient and focused.


Focus on one or two social media platforms at first. For example, you most likely will be most familiar with Facebook and/or find it easiest to get some help with Facebook.


Consider the audience you are trying to reach and then determine the tone and structure of your content.


For instance, Instagram relies heavily on images with less emphasis on text, while Twitter takes on more of a rapid-fire tone.


For each platform devise a plan that incorporates your strengths and pinpoint your focus. If you want to push food sales, tasty images on Facebook and Instagram will encourage potential diners.


If you want to bring in more people for Happy Hour, take to Twitter earlier in the day to find folks making after work plans. And if you’re in the catering business, consider Pinterest to inspire brides-to-be.


Don’t try one-size fits all approach and miss your target completely.


#2: Analyze Past Content to Improve Posts

Don’t be afraid to look back.


Most social media platforms have analytics with data representing how many interactions (or engagements) your post received. Obviously, the more people who see your brand the better. Ironically, we focus on interaction much more than the number of fans as a key metric. We think you should too.




Consider the good and the bad posts. Why was a particular post less received? Did people click on links? How long did they watch your Facebook Live? Was the content interesting enough to share? Do funny/food/informative posts do better with your audience? Most answers can be found in Facebook analytics.


In the above example, the interactions on the left indicate that that particular post performed much better than the results on the right where there were zero interactions.



Figure out what to do (or not do) and integrate that into future strategies.


#3: Be Consistent

One of the best ways to increase engagement is to put yourself out there consistently. Even if it is just one day per week!


And yes, there is such a thing as posting too much.


Don’t have the time to generate posts consistently? Make time – even if you have to hire someone!


Your social media plan should include the frequency of posts and a plan to execute. Utilize schedulers and keep your content in front of fans on a regular basis so the algorithm recognizes your content as relevant.