How We’re Using Email Marketing to Drive Sales for Restaurants



Still not sure if email marketing is right for your restaurant or small business?


Have you had a bad experience with email marketing in the past?


I’ve heard my fair share of horror stories when it comes to email marketing, but the fact is email marketing works when it’s done right.


Research shows that email marketing’s return on investment (ROI) averages around 3800%! How many other marketing strategies have you utilized that produced those kinds of results?


Here are just a few reasons my team continues to focus on email marketing for our clients:

Not only that, we continue to see success with email marketing among our clients. Open rates for our restaurants range consistently between 20 to 28% with the national average around 18%.



Still think email marketing is just spam?

Contrary to what you might think, customers want to hear from you. One study found that 86% of consumers want to receive promotional emails from brands their interested in on a monthly basis.

This is important because it means that when people voluntarily sign up (and they will) to receive your emails, they do so because they want to hear from you on a regular basis. Obviously, there’s a fine line between engaging your customers (or potential customers) and ending up in the trash bin.


Today, we’re looking at two key points to make sure your emails are opened and drive sales for your small business.


  1. Give them value


When someone signs up to receive communication from you it’s not just because they are interested in you, it’s because they want something from you.

Research found that on average welcome emails generated 320% more revenue than other promotional emails. So offer then a discount or a freebie.

Hold on, you don’t have to give away something every time. I’m talking about giving them something of value.


Maybe you have a great tip on how to use your product, a recipe, or a little known secret ingredient. You can also share a how-to video or the special way your chef prepares your most popular menu item.



  1. Be Specific


Customize your email sign-up form to include some basic personal information. Based on their responses you can target emails by using demographic and geographic criteria.


Want to market your early bird special to 55+? Looking to bring in more families for casual dining? Expanding your delivery area? All excellent ways to use target marketing.


You can also re-target consumers that have purchased certain products from you in the past, those who have clicked on certain links within your email, or even those who visit your website. The possibilities are really limitless and the end result is a more effective marketing effort, rather than casting a wide net and hoping you get some nibbles.


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