4 Tried and True Digital Marketing Strategies Your Restaurant Should Implement Today


Looking to up your restaurant digital marketing strategy to increase business?

Does your restaurant stand out among your competitors online?

With over 1 million restaurants in the US today, consumers have no shortage of choices when it comes to dining. In order to appeal to those consumers, you have to market where they are. And that place is on the internet.

90 percent of guests research a restaurant online before dining — more than any other business type.

Which means if your digital marketing game isn’t on point you’re losing business.

As a digital marketer specializing in the restaurant business, I’ve seen firsthand just how online marketing can make or break a business. Here are my top 4 digital marketing strategies for increasing sales for restaurant owners.

Social Media

When I say digital marketing social media is probably what most restaurant managers think of. After all, 63% of restaurateurs say they use social media as a form of advertising. However, that means roughly a third of you aren’t using social media as a way to attract diners.

Besides setting up business accounts on all the different social media platforms (Instagram, Twitters, YouTube, etc.) you’ve got to actually be active on those platforms. Constantly creating unique content and interacting with fans is crucial to keeping your business page seen by potential consumers.

The algorithm puts extra emphasis on content that engages users so it’s not enough to just post something and think you’re advertising. You would never consider an ad in a magazine that no one read as advertising – it’s the same thing online.

Pro-tip: Partner with a local influencer and when they talk about your business online you reach a brand new audience.

Optimize Your Website

Over half of the people looking for your business online will visit your website. This means that your website must be an extension of your brick-and-mortar location. Make sure that all the information is up-to-date and that your menu is easily accessible.

Perhaps most important is your call to action. Target potential diners by putting promotions and offers right up front. With geo-targeting, you can target nearby diners and entice them with unique offers created just for them.

Having a successful website also means you’re going to need to invest in SEO (search engine optimization). You could have the most beautiful website in the world and it’s useless if no one can find it.

Pro-tip: Make sure your website is mobile friendly and doesn’t take too long to load.


The vast majority of consumers (86%) read online reviews for local businesses. And most of them trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.

If your restaurant is lacking online reviews or has too many bad reviews, it’s time to change that by asking your loyal patrons to leave you a review online. Or utilize a reputation management software system like that one we offer and diners could have the ability to write a review before they leave your establishment.