Inside HF


As the owner of HospitalityFan, I am very proud to lead our social media agency since 2010, which started with two clients that are still with us! Our value proposition has remained the same since Day 1: Drive Sales via Social Media. We have a wonderful team made up of stay at home moms, teachers, students and partner agencies. Today, our clients span across nine states including Hawaii and we also white label our services.

Previous to HospitalityFan, I spent sixteen years mostly in operations and then ran a Hotel & Restaurant college program for five years. I always had a knack for driving sales over the long term and have implemented that same sales philosophy across our social media account managers to build sales for our clients. I have had the opportunity to speak quite often about how our team drives sales via social media for our clients. Our team takes everything related to social media off our client’s plates so they can focus upon what they are great at!

As I was sharing today with someone, what I love most about our line of work is that we get to make people’s days, which includes the individuals on our team, clients and our client’s current and future guests.

Most of my free time is spent testing out new social media related services, working out and enjoying time with my son.