How to Create Offers on Facebook to Attract Customers and Drive Sales to Your Restaurant or Small Business


Offers on Facebook provide a unique opportunity to reach your market right from your Facebook business page. Like traditional coupons, you can create customized and appealing offers to encourage new customers and repeat customers to an online shop or your brick-and-mortar store.

However, unlike traditional print coupons, there’s very little cost to creating a discount on Facebook. And since it’s a digital offer, Facebook users can save the offer right on their phone which is always with them. They’ll even receive a reminder to use the coupon before it expires. Or if they have geolocation turned on in the Facebook app, they’ll receive a notification to use the coupon if they are in the area of your physical location.

Here’s how to create an offer on Facebook.

From your Facebook business page in the Create Post box, select Offer and a new box will open.

In the new box, you are able to customize your offer by adding a photo. Make sure that your image does not contain a lot of text and represents your brand well. For restaurants, we recommend a tantalizing image of your best selling entrée or dessert.

Keep in mind you can’t edit or delete an offer after you create it.

Once you’ve added a photo now you can create the actual offer.

From the drop-down menu, you can select the type of offer you want to create.

Discount Amount

Discount Percent

Free Shipping

Buy X Get Y Discount

Spend X Get Y Off


Each offer type lets you customize the parameters as well as expand on additional details if necessary. Make sure the offer is clear and is appealing to most customers. Be sure and follow Facebook’s Commerce Policy, which prohibits offers and ads for certain good and services.

Here is an example of the Buy X Get Y Discount, which includes percent discounted amounts from 5% all the way to free.

Once you’ve selected the type of discount, you can then describe the item or service that you are discounting. You can also set the expiration date and whether the coupon should be redeemed online, in-store, or both.

And finally, you can set the primary action which is the button that will be displayed along with your offer.

You can choose:

Shop Now (online)

Send Message

Get Directions

Call Now


Optionally, you can add a promo code, additional information, or terms and conditions.

Once you’ve completed your offer you can publish it immediately or schedule the offer to published at a later date.

7 Tips for a successful offer:

We recommend offering a significant discount or something free with purchase for restaurants.

Set reasonable and clear parameters. Don’t let ambiguity discourage a potential customer or worse let them find a loophole to take advantage of you.

Choose an appealing image. Catch their eye with an actual image of the product you’re discounting.

Train your staff. Make sure everyone knows the terms and conditions and how customers are to redeem the offer.

Set a reasonable expiration date. Too short and customers won’t have time to redeem it. Too long and you’ll find yourself stuck with an offer you may not want to provide any more.

Play around with different offers to see which consumers find more attractive.

Boost your offer (pay to advertise) on Facebook to reach a wider or more specific audience.