How to Get Increased Sales with Positive Reviews with Little Effort


Are you finding it hard to get customers to leave online reviews?

Do you have a strategy in place to collect more internet reviews?

Reviews can be a touchy subject for some people. Some business owners don’t know how or have the time to manage them so they just ignore them completely.

Don’t do that!

There’s lots of data to support just how much good (and bad) reviews impact your business. Not checking your Yelp, Facebook Recommendations, or Google Business Reviews is detrimental to your reputation. It’s why we call it reputation management and why we’ve devoted so much time informing our clients on how to respond to reviews.

But how do you get those reviews in the first place?

You ask!

70% of consumers that were asked to leave reviews went on to do so. 70%!

I know what you’re thinking, Isn’t that against the rules? Yes, it’s true that Yelp guidelines state that you shouldn’t solicit Yelp reviews, but there are a few quick and easy things you can do now to encourage more customers to leave a review on other review sites.

1. Update Your Business Information

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and look at what they’re seeing when they search for your business. What kind of information pops up when you look for your business? Are the hours, location, and web address correct? Don’t make it any harder for your guests to find you then it has to be.

Want customers to leave a review before they leave your establishment? We can show you how to do that!

You may need to claim your business first on sites like Yelp, Google, or TripAdvisor in order to make changes. Once you have access you can also add services, quality photos, and menus. The more information you can add to your review page the better.

2. Respond to All Reviews

Just like you might manage your social media pages, you also want to manage your digital review sites. This means responding to all reviews – including the bad reviews. This not only allows you to follow up with a customer who may be considering if they want to return, but potential customers recognize the attention to superior customer care as they read your responses.

Responding to reviews can be tricky. Taking the right tone is imperative and not just anyone is cut out to do it. As a digital media manager, I’m not emotionally involved, so my clients love that my team can set the right tone while we represent their brand.

3. Implement a Review Generator Strategy

70% of consumers that were asked to leave reviews went on to do so.


So why are businesses afraid to ask?

Most business owners don’t know how to ask or they’re afraid that asking will turn off a customer. The research doesn’t support this, but I get it, it can be awkward.

So we’ve made it less awkward.

We use proprietary software that asks for you. In most cases, our client doesn’t have to bring the topic up if they don’t want to. The software does the asking and then with just a few clicks on their phone the customer has left a review on Facebook or Google or any of the other hundreds of review sites.

Is it legal? Yes!

Is it ethical? 100%

Does it work? Absolutely!

Don’t let awkwardness keep you from growing your business. Reviews are essential to your business.

86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses.

That’s a significant amount of people who are looking for your business and making decisions on whether or not to do business with you based on your online reputation alone. The last thing you want to do is ignore it!