7 Social Marketing Predictions From the Pros That Will Affect Your Business Sales in 2020


Recently, Social Media Examiner asked marketing experts to share their marketing predictions for 2020.

Each expert weighed in on what trends they are seeing in the coming year and exactly what marketers and business owners should be focused on.

These experts are well-known in their field; some work with many of the largest companies in the world, some are authors and leaders in marketing, and some are CEOs of their own marketing firms.

Interestingly enough, when looking over these marketing predictions, I discovered that these are right in line with the philosophies that my company, HospitalityFan, has been implementing since day one.

Let’s take a look at some of these marketing predictions from the pros for 2020.

#1 Organic Video Content

Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner, predicts that “As time spent with content becomes a very valuable metric for marketers, video represents the ultimate scroll-stopping experience that can and will increase “know, like, and trust.”

I’ve been talking about video for years – especially live video. My company recommends that all of our clients utilize the live feature on Facebook. There’s nothing more organic than turning the camera on yourself and doing it live.

The best part is it’s fast and free with your smartphone. When done well, Facebook Live is super effective at getting more engagement on your Facebook page.

#2: Traditional Marketing is Going Away

Dan Knowlton, a UK-based digital and social media marketing expert, says, “Most social media marketing fails because it looks like marketing.”

He goes on to further say, “To understand how to sell your product or service to your audience on social media in 2020, you really need to understand three things.

  • What types of content your ideal customer actually enjoys consuming and where they want to see it.
  • What content and where to put it to attract, convince, and convert your prospects.
  • The decision-making process your prospects go through to identify and choose a supplier to help them with the problem you solve.”

This is what makes my team at HospitalityFan so successful. We work with you to find out what makes your business and your customer unique. There is no template to follow. Our approach is tailor-made to your social media marketing needs. You don’t operate your business in a cookie-cutter fashion, so your marketing shouldn’t either.

#3: Not All Social Media Platforms Are Created Equal

Amanda Bond, owner of The Ad Strategist and creator of The StrADegy System, says, “Your YouTube audience isn’t the same as your Twitter audience, and neither are the same as your Instagram audience. Don’t try to spread the same marketing messaging everywhere. Stop being a dabbler and cease using the platforms you barely use.”

I’ve seen many small business owners struggle to get their social media marketing off the ground because they’ve tried to do too much. Which social media platform you focus on is dependent upon your target audience. As a social media manager, I understand that what works for someone else may not work for you. That’s why I’ve never thought of us as a one-size-fits-all kind of company.

#4: Focused Marketing Is Key to Success

Peg Fitzpatrick, the co-author of the best-selling book, The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users, says, “In 2020, the race isn’t to be everywhere and reach everyone but to reach the right people with focused intent. It’s about choosing the quality of engagements over the quantity of engagements.”

Similar to #3, there’s no reason to be everywhere in social media, it only matters if your content is engaging. Content that your target audience finds engaging is much more effective than casting a wide net and hoping someone takes the bait.

#5: Personalized Engagement On Instagram

Alex Beadon, an Instagram Stories expert, suggests two strategies for creating a deeper connection with consumers on Instagram.

  • First, when you or your business is tagged, featured, or replied to in Instagram stories, be sure to send a personalized response…”
  • Be sure to search your location tag and open every conversation to provide a personalized reply to thank people for their purchase or for visiting your business.

My team has been implementing this strategy for years. Personalized replies and opening a conversation with a potential or past customer is an effective tool to humanize marketing and gain loyalty.

#6: Authentic Marketing is Key

Rachel Pederson, founder and CEO The Viral Touch, tells us that in 2020

consumers will be desperate for authenticity. 

This is the, “… year of humanized marketing, and the business that provides all-access, behind-the-scenes, contextual marketing wins,” says Rachel.

And we couldn’t agree more. Our team implements a successful strategy to make your online presence the same as the offline experience. This means creating engaging content that is authentic and real so that they will want to maintain a meaningful relationship with you and your brand.

#7: Humanizing Your Brand Is Imperative

Carlos Gil, author of The End of Marketing: Humanizing Your Brand in the Age of Social Media and AI, says, “Humanizing your brand is more than a catchy hook. It’s a real business strategy that every marketer should take seriously to stay in business.”

He goes on to say that people want to buy from businesses they feel a connection to. This is exactly the philosophy that my company stands on. Our focus is so that your online customers have the sense that they are receiving a personalized touch from you – not your social media manager. Humanized interactions on social media are what my team is all about and they excel at it.


2020 is the year of turning traditional marketing strategies on its head. Business owners will soon find out that they will need to concentrate more time and energy into their social media marketing. Engaging content and human interaction are what the public is craving. Your customer is savvy, they know when they’re being marketed to. Let my team come up with a strategy that highlights your brand and give it the humanized touch that will increase sales and brand loyalty.