Restaurant Marketing Guide – Digital Marketing Done Right Part 2


We’re sharing our restaurant marketing guide for restaurant managers and business owners.

Go here for Part 1.

If you’re not doing at least one (hopefully all) of these things, you’re missing out on valuable marketing opportunities.

1. SMS marketing/Text

Similar to email marketing, texts reach customers right where they are – on their phone. It only takes a second to read over a text and most people don’t even have to log into their phone to read it. In fact, the open rate of text promotions/offers is a whopping 98%!

Texting is by far the best avenue to reach customers quickly. Communicate about special events, closings, food specials, or even limited-time promos that your guests may not otherwise know about. You can also send out exclusive promo codes, links to book a table, or a phone number to create instant calls-to-action.

2. Google

Make sure that your Google My Business is up to date with accurate information so that people can find you more easily. Incorrect or missing information will only lead to frustration and force your guests to visit your competitors.

Why is this so important? Google is the third leading source of trusted reviews – and we predict that number to increase.

You can even upload a menu to Google My Business. The more information you provide the more appealing this makes your business to Google and to potential diners. Google puts your info front and center so make sure it represents your brand well.

Need help getting started on Google My Business? Click here.

3. Website

Chances are you have a website but have forgotten about it. Maybe you hired someone a long time ago to make it look nice and haven’t done anything with it since. This is a huge mistake. You want to make sure you have someone dedicated to making sure your website is running smoothly.

Unsecure websites are like leaving the backdoor wide open to your information and proprietary information. Not to mention when potential diners see out of date information, they may be disappointed that the expectation did not meet with reality. Slow loading times and missing links are frustrating, time-consuming, and will deter customers from walking into your physical establishment. Make your online presence as welcoming as your physical presence.

If you’re still not sure where to start or if you need help in creating an effective digital marketing plan, let me help you. Our humanized approach specializes in customer service and creating an environment that reflects your restaurant’s brand and culture.