The Key to Increase Open Rates in Email Marketing


Have you used email marketing in the past but quit?

Looking for a new way to increase email open rates?

Your email marketing strategy can increase your open rates with just a few tweaks. In this article, I’ll share with you a key tip to increase open rates and ultimately sales.

Just in case, you’re not sold on email marketing yet, research shows that email marketing’s return on investment (ROI) averages around 3800%!

Therefore, emails can be effective if you do it right.

Here are just a couple of other reasons my team continues to focus on email marketing for our clients:

The key to increasing open rates in email marketing is – even more so than content, subject lines, and timing – is the sender’s address.

This is the email address that appears to the recipient in their inbox – who the email is from. And there are two reasons why this is important.

  1. Establishes Credibility
  2. Increases Deliverability


Firstly, every email address has a domain. The domain follows the @ symbol. So if you have a Gmail account like, the first part of the email address is typically your name (or something else you have selected) and the second “” is the domain. This tells the recipient who the email is coming from.

As a business, the domain portion is extremely important. When the domain represents your business name (generally your website), it tells the recipient who it is. looks way more professional and less spammy than


Additionally, the Email Service Provider (ESP) upon receiving your email needs to be able to recognize the domain in which the email is coming from and thus make a decision on whether the email is spam or valid. This is considered your reputation.

Thus, the higher the reputation the more likely your email will be delivered and thus you’ll have better open rates.

If your business is using a free email domain such as Hotmail, Yahoo!, or Gmail the more likely you are to end up in someone’s junk folder – never to be read.

So how do you know if your reputation has been damaged and your emails aren’t getting through?

Low open rates are a good indicator.

However, there is much more to consider. My team’s strategy is not only to create high-quality emails that get opened, but we also go behind-the-scenes and make sure that best practices are being followed so that your email is credible and deliverable. Therefore, this is why our clients have open rates well above the national average at 20+%.