The Simple Way to Increase Sales and Brand Loyalty for your Small Business.



How do you separate your brand from the competition on social media?


Just how important is social media interaction for your brand?


How do you incorporate a human connection in a digital platform?


In my line of work, I find that most small businesses are underutilizing social media. Creating an effective online presence is much more than just telling people about your brand and what you sell.


It’s easy to fall into this kind of linear thinking: If I post something on Facebook or Instagram they should come.


And then disappointment when you don’t see those customers walking through your door after all that work on social media. 


Why aren’t people connecting with you?


Because you aren’t connecting with them online the same you do when they visit your business. We have a motto at our company: “What you do offline, you do online.”


Here are a couple of examples of how to step up brand loyalty and ultimately increase sales.


Recently one of our hotel clients received a comment on Facebook from a guest that was bumped due to overbooking. While unfortunate, this isn’t uncommon for hotels, especially on an extremely popular weekend.


Since their comment was public we asked the guest to contact us via private message and as you can see from the interaction below this led to issuing a certificate for a return stay.



While the situation is unfortunate for this person, the knee-jerk reaction may be that these things happen. And frankly, the hotel didn’t actually sacrifice monetarily because remember – they were sold out.


However, it was important to connect with this person to make sure that their impression of the hotel brand was not marred.



Another great example of creating brand loyalty comes from review sites. Our client, a local vineyard and winery received a negative review and we saw it as an opportunity to personally invite them to come back.



Don’t make the mistake of overlooking the value of making a human connection via social media. Especially when it comes to reviews – good and bad.


In this case, the reviewer shed some light on areas to improve and was invited to personally come back and meet the owners. Something that would have been done had the customer complained in person. What you do off-line you do online.


“By providing memorable social media customer service, companies not only create deeper connections with consumers, but they glean valuable insights on how to improve their products or services.” – Amy Jo Martin, Founder Digital Royalty


Fortunately, Mark Zuckerburg feels the same way as the Facebook algorithm is skewed toward posts that create engagement. And that means posts with more engagement are more likely to be seen.


Ask yourself these questions:


Do customers recognize your brand as friendly and approachable?


Are you connecting with customers in the virtual world to invite them to spend real dollars with you?


Is making a human connection a priority within your social media agenda?


If you can’t answer yes to all these questions then you’re losing out on potential customers. Either make the time to interact with your fans on social media or hire a company (like us) that is focused on managing your brand in a humanistic way.


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