Improve Your Social Media Pages Fast with Our Image Guide to Drive Sales



Give your page a polished look with our Social Media Image Quick Guide.


The images you use on social media say a lot about your brand. Are your images blurry, pixilated, or outdated?


Social media platforms will often reformat the images you upload so that they fit within their guidelines. If your image is too big or too small for the specifications they might be cropped or pixilated.


Don’t let the first impression of your business on social media be that you’re too lazy to upload a proper image.


First, you’re going need some kind of photo editing software. Fortunately, there are plenty of free ones that make it easy to edit photos.


We like or, but use what you’re comfortable with.


No professional photography experience necessary! Just plug in the image size specifications we’ve provided below and crop your image.






Your Facebook profile image is the face of your business as you post and comment. It will also be one of the first images someone sees when they search for your business on Facebook, so make sure it’s a good one!


Facebook Profile Image Size
180 x 180 pixels


Be aware that even though you’re cropping your image into a square, it will be viewed as a circle in Facebook and additional cropping will occur.


Pro Tip: profile image will be small especially on mobile device so make sure it’s legible, memorable, a face works best.



You cover image is the image that shows up at the top when someone visits your page. This image is larger and is a great opportunity to show off something that represents your business.


Facebook Cover Image Size
820 x 312 pixels


Pro tip: Facebook now allows you to upload a video as your cover image. Get creative and showcase multiple images with a slideshow to grab your fans attention.


Event cover

Like your Facebook page cover, an event cover is the image that is used at the top of your scheduled event page.


Facebook Event Cover Image Size
500 x 262 pixels






Just like the Facebook profile image, the Instagram profile image will represent your brand throughout the app.


Instagram Profile Image Size
110 x 110 pixels


And again, like Facebook, your image will be cropped to a circle.


Pro tip: Keep in mind that when posting on Instagram, photos no longer need to be an exact square.





Just like Facebook and Instagram, your profile image is the first thing people will see when you Tweet or respond to Tweets. And circles must be in right now because you guessed it, Twitter is going to crop your image into a circle.


Twitter Profile Image Size
400 x 400 pixels




Your Twitter header displays at the top of your page. Like Facebook this is an area to be a bit more creative and show off more of your brand for those that visit your profile page.


Twitter Header Image Size
1500 x 500 pixels


Pro tip: Choose your profile image wisely as we recommend sticking with the same profile so that Twitter users come to associate your image with your brand over time.


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