Social Media with a Dedicated Ambassador

We believe that social media is about connecting on a human level. As a result of this philosophy, we are very focused on hiring team members with positive values and great people skills. We do not focus on hiring techies for this reason and all our team members go through thirty days of training.

Process and numbers factor in, but the overall feel needs to resonate with the personal over the impersonal or technological.  This is the lifeblood of HospitalityFan, and why our services produce disproportionate results compared to the competition.

The majority of our team members are stay at home moms and school teachers with incredible people skills and values

People skills support our methodology of making social media personal again by relating on a human level — raising visibility, asking questions and following up with personalized one-on-one responses. Also, while many treat social media as one-size-fits-all broadcast channel, our people craft content touch points and shape awareness interactions around an interaction, we are also able to sift and provide helpful feedback to your business about smoothing out any rough customer edges customers are experiencing. As we share regularly, it is not about the technology but about the people!