The Power of Humanized Social Media

HospitalityFan is engaged in creating meaningful social media interactions and cultivating an audience of enthusiasts around your hospitality business. We do this by having our seasoned brand ambassadors run your multi-platform social media presence and foster connections with current and potential customers through friendly exchanges.



We make social media personal again, by relating on a human level – raising visibility, asking questions and following up with personalized one-on-one responses. Also, while many treat social media as a one-size-fits-all broadcast channel, our people craft content touch points and shape awareness interactions around a style that is native to the culture and expectations of each platform.

As your social media brand ambassadors, we can also proactively engage with customers who are airing online complaints, and work with them to resolve difficulties, with a focus on graciously extending ourselves to restore their confidence in your business. As your representative in this kind of interaction, we are also able to sift and provide helpful feedback to your business about smoothing out any rough edges customers are experiencing.


How We Accomplish It

We begin by creating an internal profile of your hospitality business, your customers and prospects, and expand that out into a broader understanding of the context that unites you, and motivates their interest and decisionmaking. Working from there, we then function as your business in the social media space, and begin to communicate, both by publishing content and proactively reaching out to strategically targeted people.


Customized, Flexible Relationship Style

We work with you within the sweet spot of your needs and comfort – this is of course fully adjustable over time as we work together longer.


Easy to Get Started

We provide a targeted up front Q&A, to get to know you, your prospects and the context in which both will be operating. Charting these points creates a context/opportunity map that we use to initiate and develop conversations. We know what kinds of things people will be doing and thinking, and are armed with talking points and actions we can take to engage.