How Restaurant and Small Business Owners Create Exceptional Content for their Brand



Does your brand have a voice?


Does your social media content actually engage fans?


Content marketing is not just for marketers. As a restaurant or small business owner, you can create high quality and engaging content on social media. Here are four tips to consider as you create content for your brand.


1. Video reigns supreme

Over 500 million people are watching videos on Facebook every day (TubularInsights). In fact, Facebook reported viewers comment, “more than 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than regular ones.” Proof that videos are engaging and it’s what Facebook users want to see.


Using Facebook Live or Instagram Stories are just a couple of ways to represent your brand on social media. Therefore, using Live video is the perfect way to talk about what you know – more about that later.


You want to be offering something of value to your viewers. So demonstrations, how-to’s, or interviews are always a hit. Give viewers a tour or take them behind-the-scenes of your business.


This local meat market uses Facebook Live to talk about the different ways to prepare their quality cuts of meat.


Don’t worry, it’s ok to be a little nervous or to mess up. Things happen. Actually, the less rehearsed you sound the more genuine you become.


And if you don’t know how to get started with Live video this checklist will help.



2. Talk about what you know

As a restaurateur or independent business owner, who knows your brand better than you? Are you passionate about good food, craft beers, or event planning? Talk about it.


Not every piece of social media content needs to sound like an ad. Social media users are savvy. Therefore they know when they’re being talked at and when they’re being talked to. When you consistently sound like a broken record pushing your wares (e.g. Have I got a special for you….) you’re going to turn your audience off.


Arby’s has done an excellent job of posting content in their wheelhouse. And no, it’s not all about roast beef and sandwiches.



This video Arby’s posted on Facebook doesn’t even feature their food, but a reference to a popular video game, Fortnite. While unorthodox for a fast-food chain to consistently have video game references, it seems to work for them as this particular post had over 400 comments and nearly 600 shares in less than 24 hours. My guess is that it brought some awareness to Arby’s that day.


3. Know your audience

Engage your audience by talking about the things they want to talk about. Look for trending topics (e.g NBA Playoff’s, NFL Draft, Popular Netflix series, local events, etc.) and ask your audience relevant questions.


Make sure your overall tone matches the kind of audience you’re targeting. For instance, a casual dining establishment would portray themselves completely different than an upscale fine dining restaurant. Jargon, slang, and jokes take on a completely different meaning depending on your brand.


Keep your voice consistent so that your fans feel connected with you.


Red Bull knows how to do this well. They consistently post high-energy videos like this skydiving video. After all, their brand is all about high-energy.




4. Be Genuine

Finally, when you try to be someone you’re not, your fans will know. To be able to relate to your brand, they need to see that you’re human and honest. This doesn’t mean you share anything and everything, just don’t be fake about what you do share. The last thing your audience desires is more “fake news.”