Five Solutions to Common Facebook Problems


Want to learn how to navigate Facebook better to improve marketing for your business?

Do you want an easy way to fix common Facebook issues?

A lot of business owners that manage their own social media don’t have a lot of time to properly learn how to use Facebook, so they tend to give up when obstacles come up.

So here are five solutions to common Facebook problems:

1. How to turn off Facebook notifications

If you’ve ever set up a Facebook page or if you’ve been recently added as an admin or editor of a business page you’ve experienced notification overload. Facebook automatically thinks you want to receive every single notification and before you know it, your notifications are blowing up.

So how do you turn off those pesky notifications?

In the Facebook business manager, click on Business Settings and scroll down to Notifications. Or follow these steps from Facebook.

2. How to handle a bad recommendation

These used to be called reviews, but now Facebook encourages users to leave recommendations. Essentially the user indicates whether they would or would not recommend your business.

So what do you do if someone doesn’t recommend your business and it’s on Facebook for the whole world to see?

Step one: Don’t panic.

You know that not every customer is going to have an amazing experience. When you receive a negative review or a do-not-recommend, see it as an opportunity to improve and/or win that customer back.

Once you’ve taken a deep breath, follow this 4-step plan on how to handle negative reviews.

3. How to recruit on Facebook

The big benefit of posting a job on Facebook is that it is FREE. If you have a business page already set up then you can post a job. Just fill in a few details and you’re done.

Once the job is posted you will be able to track and review applications, contact applicants and schedule interviews right through Facebook Messenger. Or if you wish, applications can be sent to a specified email address for you to manage off of Facebook.

Ready to put your job posting out to millions of views and hire the right candidate?

For steps on how to post a job on Facebook click here.

4. How to fix incorrect page info

Did your hours change? Have you updated your menus or services? Facebook users can find out a lot about your business just by visiting your page so you don’t want to give them the wrong information. You also want to make sure your business is listed in the right category to help people find you.

To edit your Facebook page’s general information, click About on the left side of your Page and then edit the various categories of information as needed.

Want to make sure your information is up to date on Google too? Click here.

5. How to add multiple locations pages

If your business has more than one physical location, you’re going to need a Facebook page for each location. This allows you to create localized content for your demographic. Ads can be tailored to each location enticing more customers.

But before you create a new account for each location you’re going to want to read this.