The Secret Sauce to Knowing If Your Restaurant is Being Seen on Facebook



How do you know if your restaurant’s Facebook posts are actually being viewed?


How do you get more people to see your Facebook posts?


Engagement is the key to ensure your next post shows up in the Facebook user’s News Feed. Facebook metrics calculate just how many people are engaging with your brand and we’re going to show you where to find that information and use it to your benefit.


Consider the Insights tab on your Facebook Business Page as the Facebook Report Card because it literally grades every post based on engagement.


There are three components that make up engagement on Facebook:


Likes (or reactions): The amount of people that click the “Like” (or one of the other reactions) button on your post.

Comments: The amount of comments that Facebook users leave on your post.


Shares: The amount of times your post was shared among other Facebook users that may not follow your page.


“Our goal is to show the right content to the right people at the right time so they don’t miss the stories that are important to them.” – Facebook Newsroom


How does Facebook determine which content is right for the right person? They use a sophisticated algorithm that measures engagement. Tactics such as Facebook Live receive algorithm special treatment to ensure it has a high reach.


When someone likes, comments, or shares your post, that action tells Facebook that users find your content of value, and that’s exactly what the algorithm is looking for. This engagement is the key metric that we use to judge the value of post’s content.




How to View Your Facebook Post’s Engagement:


Metrics for your Page’s posts are available as soon as the post is published. In the Posts section of Insights, you can see the following information about your Page posts:


  • The number of people reached
  • Post clicks
  • Reactions, comments and shares
  • Total video views and viewing behavior details



You can see how many people are reacting to, commenting on and sharing your Page posts in Page Insights. This is how you get there:


  1. Click Insights at the top of your Page
  2. Click Posts on the left
  3. Scroll down to All Posts Published and view the Engagement column


  1. To see this info for all Page posts within a date range:
  2. Click Insights at the top of your Page
  3. Click Reach on the left
  4. Select Start and End dates in the top-right corner
  5. Scroll down to Reactions, Comments and Shares




How to Increase Engagement:


The best way to increase engagement on Facebook, besides posting high quality content, is to personally engage with your fans.


As we say, what you do offline, you do online. This means, reach out, say hello, initiate a dialog with those who are interacting with your page, just as you would do in person.


Comments: When someone comments on your post, reply back. Interact with them by continuing the conversation.


Check-ins: A check-in tells you that they had a personal experience with your business, why not thank them or invite them back?


Reviews: Replying to reviews is an excellent opportunity to express gratitude and learn more about your customers’ preferences.



When you consistently interact with fans on your page, not only are your posts going to become visible within your fans’ newsfeed, there’s a higher probability that your fans’ friends and family are going to see your posts as well.


Each person in the world (at least among the 1.59 billion people active on Facebook) is connected to every other person by an average of three and a half other people.


So as you can see, this type of engagement turns into an ultimate virtual “word of mouth”. Therefore, the number of Facebook users your post reaches can grow exponentially, regardless of how many fans your page actually has.


Don’t look at Facebook’s algorithm as a hurdle, but more of a starting off point. By posting content that promotes engagement, your fans will be doing the work for you by liking, sharing, and commenting.