How the Facebook Privacy Scandal Has Affected Small Business



Recently, our clients have all been asking the same question - How has the recent Facebook privacy scandal affected our account?


The short answer - It hasn't!


By now you’re probably well aware of the improper sharing of data with Cambridge Analytica through Facebook. It’s been three weeks since the news broke and even though there were initial reports of users leaving Facebook, we just haven’t found any merit to a mass exodus.


Even Mark Zuckerburg eased concerns during a recent press conference when asked if the data breach had impacted business. He responded by saying, “I don’t think there’s been any meaningful impact that we’ve observed.”


And when we look at our numbers for our clients, we would have to agree to Mark.


Looking at the last 28 days, you can see that the total organic reach for this particular client’s posts actually increased.




We also saw that engagement hasn’t changed all that much. When it comes to the Facebook algorithm, we know engagement is the key. To ensure your next post shows up in the Facebook user’s News Feed, engagement is the measurement we use to determine if a post is successful at reaching its target audience.

Below is a comparison of posts for the same client – prior to the press reporting the breach and after.


Prior to the scandal:


After the scandal reached the press:


As you can see, the amount of Facebook users interacting (engagement) with both posts was relatively the same.


In fact, we even saw some clients’ organic engagement dramatically improve during this time.


One of our clients had a 26% increase in their organic engagement over the last few weeks.


Client A:


And one other, Client B, had an organic increase of 32% in their engagement over the previous weeks.


Client B:


By looking at the metrics in Facebook, we can actually calculate how Facebook users value the post’s content. If Facebook users were leaving in droves as the media would like us to think, we’d be seeing a dramatic decrease in our usual metrics – not an increase.


While nobody likes having their information shared without their permission, Facebook users on our clients’ pages just aren’t mad enough to actually leave.

And if we were to look at the bright side, Facebook is now under a microscope to be more diligent about protecting its users and making it even a safer place to be.