Restaurant Owners, How to Add Multiple Locations to Your Facebook Account to Increase Sales


Do you own a restaurant or business with multiple locations?

Wondering how to get people in your location demographic to see your Facebook page?

In this article, I’m going to share with you how to add location pages to your business Facebook page and how location pages can increase awareness and drive sales.

Your business Facebook page is your virtual storefront in the social media world. I’ve talked before about the importance of having a Facebook page that represents your brand and connects with your target audience by using engaging content to reach more potential customers. Using Facebook business manager also gives you more options for managing your page and targeting ads to make your business even more visible on Facebook.

If your business has multiple locations, you don’t need to set up a separate business account for each location. I’m going to show you how to add location pages and manage those pages from just one spot.

Here is how to add multiple locations to your Facebook account to increase sales:

1. Go to Business locations to create and manage your locations. To see this option, you must be an Admin or an Editor for your page.

If you are logged into your Business Manager, you can navigate to Business locations in the drop-down menu under Assets.

2. Click on the green Get Started button to begin the guided process.

You will be prompted to create a main Page to help organize all the locations for your business. The main page is the ‘parent’ Facebook Page representing your brand, which all your ‘child’ location pages will link from.

All your locations pages will be managed through this main Page.

3. Once the main Page is set up, you can now start creating a Page for each business location.

Additional location pages allow your customers to easily find information like hours, contact details, reviews, and directions for the store that’s nearest to them.

From here there are three ways to add locations:

  • Manually adding each address (Recommended for 1 – 10 locations).
  • Upload using a CSV template (Recommended for 10 or more locations).
  • Or you can migrate a page into your new location structure. If you already have a Facebook Page set up for that location, choose “Migrate an existing page” to turn that specific page into a location page.

Here are just a few advantages to adding locations pages for your restaurant or business that include multiple physical addresses:

  • Customers can find your location Pages using search engines.
  • A map with locations will appear on your brand Page, helping customers find locations near them. Locations will also be listed below the Locations tab.
  • Customers can leave reviews on each location Page.
  • You can produce localized content such as offers and ads and gain localized data insights.
  • Admin role management will be easy as an admin of the brand Page automatically becomes an admin of all the location Pages. 
  • You can choose to feed your brand Page posts into each location Page, so you don’t need someone to manage and post for each business location.

Making it easier for potential diners to find you on social media is key. With Facebook’s location pages you’ll have greater exposure while maintaining control over your page without additional work. In my next article, I’ll share how to manage your new Facebook location pages.