Restaurant Owners! Three No-Fail Content Ideas For a Successful Facebook Live


From the moment it was first available, Facebook Live has been a fun and innovative way to broadcast a message. With the right content, it is a valuable tool for marketing your restaurant.

Today, according to research Facebook Live videos produce 6 times as many interactions as traditional videos.

Ready to get started?

Here are three no-fail content ideas for doing a successful Facebook Live for restaurants.


Show your audience something they’ve never seen before. Have chef prepare a popular dish, or the bartender mix up their specialty cocktail. Audiences love it with you provide behind-the-scenes content for Facebook Live.


Use the expertise of your staff to share information about your restaurant. And interview-style video allows your audience to get to know you and your establishment a little better. Talk about what makes your restaurant and your food special and better than the competition.


You don’t have to hard-sell your audience but if you’re running a special, be sure and let them know. It’s also good to share any opportunities of goodwill that your establishment or staff is participating in.

91% of restaurants are currently using Facebook (91% of restaurants) because they understand the impact it can have on their sales, especially since Facebook Live videos reach the most people.

Facebook’s algorithm considers the content in a video post more valuable than traditional posts and thus increases the probability that videos will be shown in newsfeeds.

The instant your business goes Live on Facebook, those who follow your page receive a notification and with just one click they can immediately start watching your broadcast.

Additionally, as those followers interact with your video, their friends will also be notified that they’ve watched. This snowball effect will continue to trickle down as more and more viewers see your Live video and interact with it.

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