Two Reasons We Urge Our Clients to Double Down on Facebook



In this article, we’re looking at two reasons that Facebook is the ultimate social media platform for your small business or restaurant.


Two facts that prove everybody is on Facebook:


  1. Popularity
  2. Demographics


When it comes to social media marketing, we see the same mistakes small business owners make over and over again.


They either have no idea where to start so they do nothing. Or they waste their time by trying to do it all – and succeed at nothing.


Snapchat. Twitter. Instagram. Facebook. Youtube. The list goes on and on. There literally is an app for everything. So if you’re growing your small business on social media where do you start?


We’ve said it from the beginning – and the experts agree – Facebook.



Everybody Uses Facebook


Despite the recent negative press, Facebook’s numbers remain consistent.


There are roughly 1.4 billion daily active Facebook users worldwide (Source: Facebook). According to recent numbers published by Pew Research, nearly 2/3 (68%) of Americans are on Facebook.


When compared to other social media platforms with the exception of YouTube, Facebook is far and away the most popular.



Seeing these kinds of numbers are significant when it comes to making decisions about where to pool your time, energy and money for social media marketing.


Facebook is for Everybody


We also often hear restaurant owners say that they don’t bother with Facebook because their target audience isn’t on Facebook anymore. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Around eight-in-ten (81%) of those ages 18 to 29 use Facebook; that’s about double the share among those 65 and older (41%). However, the share of older Americans who use the platform has doubled since August 2012, when just 20% of those 65 and older said they used it. ~ Pew Research



When we look at our own client’s pages we see that we’re able to reach an even broader demographic than what’s portrayed in the above graphic.


Client A:


With the exception of the 35-44 age bracket, we’re engaging with potential Client A’s customers relatively equally among those 18 and up.



Client B:


For Client B, we’re actively engaging baby boomers (55-64) at a highly successful rate. This is important for a hometown restaurant as they target local families.



Client C:


Engaging with those 18-34-year-olds are especially important for Client C as they are targeting college students from the local university down the street.


No other platform appeals to a broader demographic than Facebook.


Maybe you’ve created a Facebook page but you have zero interaction. We can all agree that this all means nothing if no one is actually seeing your page.


Content creation and interaction are key to making sure your Facebook page conquers the algorithm, which is the next step.