5 Highlights From Facebook Conference (F8 2018) that Restaurant and Small Business Owners Need to Know



Last week, Facebook held its annual conference, F8 2018. Here, Mark Zuckerburg and the rest of the social media giant’s team announced several updates that will impact small business owners.


Here are just five highlights from that event that you, as a restaurant or small business owner, need to consider.


Sharing to Stories

Facebook and Instagram stories are hugely popular, and Facebook announced that they are, “making that experience faster, easier and more creative on Stories.”


Our results indicate that Instagram favors our content whenever we utilize Stories; ultimately resulting in more engagement and more follows. 


AR Camera Effects for Instagram 

Augmented reality (AR) allows users to use their camera to interact with digital items laid over the real world. Users “will be able to design unique, interactive camera experiences, including face filters and world effects, for their followers on Instagram.”


Possibilities include 360-degree product exploration or virtual “try-on’s” specific to a brand or product. AR isn’t just for selfies anymore.


New Apps for Shared VR Experiences

Similar to AR, Virtual Reality (VR) will allow business to fully immerse the user into a virtual experience. Imagine using VR to promote live entertainment, cooking demonstrations, tour private dining spaces, or show off a recent remodel.



New Explore

Content that Instagram users are interested in will now be even easier to find. This new feature will organize and prioritize interests based on the user’s customizations. In the end, we believe this will better help businesses target certain demographics and potential customers.




More Immersive Ways to Share

Facebook has been talking about 3D posts for a while, but they’ve just taken it to another level. They’re now focusing on the availability of sharing 3D objects with one click to AR. And soon users will be able to capture 3D moments using their smartphone and share them on Facebook. Just another example of Facebook’s emphasis on creative content for their users.




As Facebook gets more and more creative with the way users consume content, it’s important that as a small business owner you have a strong foundation across all the platforms so you can effectively leverage these features. The team at F8 2018 focused on their intent to bring people closer together in meaningful ways. This supports our philosophy that your business’s social media presence should mirror what you’re doing off-line.