Discover Two Secrets to the Facebook Algorithm to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page (Part 6 of 6)




This is the final installment of our 6 part series, The Tried and True Method for Growing Your Facebook Fan Base


How we contributed up to 20% in sales growth for our independent business clients via Social Media.


What is an algorithm?

Algorithm is just a fancy word for formula. With the enormous amount of content that is posted to Facebook on a daily basis, it would be impossible to navigate it without some way to organize all of that information.


In order to “show the right content”, Facebook focuses on quality content that is being produced and shared. The Facebook algorithm helps ensure that the organic content people see is actually the most interesting to them.


“Our goal is to show the right content to the right people at the right time so they don’t miss the stories that are important to them.” – Facebook Newsroom


Two Items that might surprise YOU that the Facebook Algorithm is NOT interested in:


  1. How many fans your page has

    Your page could have a million fans and yet only a handful of people actually see your posts on their newsfeed because your content is not engaging or important to your fans.


    Pages that have fewer fans but higher engagement carry more weight in the algorithm than a page with a million fans and zero interaction.

  2. Reach of a post

    Your posts also don’t carry any weight in the algorithm if nobody is actually looking at it. Just like the Yellow Pages may deliver to everyone within the Los Angeles zip code, there’s absolutely no value in it if nobody actually opens it and ends up as a doorstop.


Engagement is the key lever you NEED to ensure the next post shows up in the Facebook user’s feed.


Engagement such as likes, comments, and shares means that Facebook users find your content of high quality, and that’s exactly what the algorithm is looking for. Engagement is the key metric that we utilize to judge the value of organic content.


Once Facebook deems your content high quality, not only are your posts going to become visible within your fans’ newsfeed, there’s a higher probability that your fans’ friends and family are going to see your posts as well.


As you can see, this type of engagement turns into a virtual “word of mouth”, and the number of Facebook users your post reaches can grow exponentially, regardless of how many fans your page actually has.


The Importance the Facebook Algorithm Places on Videos


It’s a fact, Facebook users prefer videos over still images.


Buzzsumo found that average shares of videos on Facebook more than doubled from 2015 to 2016. This means that the algorithm is going to churn videos back into the newsfeed at a higher rate than other forms of media, because that’s what users what to see.


Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. – Brightcove


The algorithm measures not only how many views a video may have, but how long it was watched, if it was shared, and if it was viewed in full screen. In other words, if your video is eye catching, provides entertainment and value, the Facebook algorithm will reward you for that by showing it in Facebook users newsfeeds.


Remember the selling process starts on Facebook with users seeing your content, so we want you to do everything you can to ensure it lands in user’s newsfeeds.


For more insights about the importance of engagement on your Facebook Business page, take a look at this podcast that very thoroughly explains the Facebook algorithm.