Drive Sales Without Any More Time in Your Week Using Pop-Ups



When it comes to online marketing, one of the most effective ways to target your audience is to use pop-ups on your website.


We have been utilizing pop-ups that specifically target geo-locations for our client’s grand openings recently and have found them to be incredibly successful with very little investment of time or money.


How does geolocation work? Someone who visits your website from a specific area of the country receives an offer customized for them and in return, you collect their contact information such as an email or phone number.


A desirable offer in exchange for an email address allows you to retarget ($) those who have expressed interest in your business knowing that they are near your businesses’ trade area.


Here are some reasons why website pop-ups work to drive sales:


Front and Center


When you place a pop-up offer that is specifically customized toward a prospect that lives or works in your business trade area, there is a higher chance of converting them. We’ve found using eye-catching images and copy with a specific call-to-action are the most effective.


Your pop-up could include a current promotion, or maybe pertaining to a seasonal event (holidays, back-to-school, or major sporting events), or a valuable coupon.


During one of the very first pop-up promotions, we ran for one of our clients with five locations we found that about 4k individuals saw that particular promotion on their website. And around 10% of those clicked on the pop-up to learn more. Along with the client, we conservatively figured this promotion brought in an additional $10,200 of sales for them.



We believe that if our client had supported us by adding a coupon for this promotion the conversation rate would have been much higher.



It’s true what they say, timing is everything.


Having a pop-up appear as soon as your page loads is a great way to get someone’s attention. Pop-ups can be timed to appear after a certain amount of time or when the viewer performs a particular action on the website.


Maybe you want to make sure the visitor sees a particular piece of information before they close that window.


In the case below, our client was looking for genuine leads and so a pop-up was generated to appear after 5 seconds. This allows the web visitor a moment to gather some context and yet quick enough to grab their attention before they move on.


In the above example, the timing and content to generate leads (emails) were successful.


A pop-up can also be timed to only show when a visitor performs an action that indicates they are about to leave your site. This is the last opportunity to get an email address or offer a discount before the visitor closes the window.


Location, location, location


By using geotargeting you can target specific visitors who are physically accessing your website within a specific region. You can target cities, states, or whole countries. This allows you to create campaigns and offers that are relevant to those who live or work in a particular area.


In the below example, we were promoting two new locations for our client and were able to target two highly dispersed geographies – Houston and Fort Worth.



These two promotions only ran in that particular geographical area and the results were 25% more leads because the information was timely and specific to that viewer. Now, our client has new leads for their business that has not even opened yet.


How you use pop-ups depends on your end-goal. Whether that be leads, sales, or generating awareness, your marketing strategy may slightly differ. Your content needs to be eye-catching and geared to the type of audience you want to deliver it to in order to create an effective pop-up marketing campaign.