Restaurant Marketing Guide – Digital Marketing Done Right Part 1


Looking to ramp up sales?

Is your competitor got the edge on your market?

Here is our comprehensive guide to digital marketing for restaurant owners and managers.

If you’re not doing at least one (hopefully all) of these things, you’re missing out on valuable marketing opportunities.

1. Social Media

Social media in the culinary world is heating up and restaurant owners and chefs are taking notice. As you know, the social media current is full of images of food, so why not join the masses?

More importantly, why would you miss out on an opportunity to reach hundreds, possibly thousands of potential diners by not posting on social media?

So where to start? Facebook is one of our favorites and the data agrees.

When utilized correctly, Facebook can reach your target audience by demographic, interests, or location. And since Facebook reaches such a wide-range demographically (yes, even Millenials), this is ideal for any business. And for the most part, it’s free!

We covered how easy it is to get started on Facebook here.

2. Reviews

One area of marketing that business owners often overlook is responding to online reviews. The vast majority of consumers (86%) read reviews for local businesses.

Not only that, a whopping 89% of consumers read local businesses’ responses to reviews. Think of the potential reach you could have by responding and making a connection with not only those who have left a review but those who read what you wrote.

By responding to each and every review you’re telling your potential customers that you truly care how your business is perceived. If you’re in the business of creating life-long customers like we are, managing and responding to reviews just comes naturally.

Check out these three easy steps to respond to reviews here.

3. Email marketing

Here are just a few reasons my team continues to focus on email marketing for our clients:

By segmenting your emails you can achieve more restaurant sales as your content will reach those who are most interested in it. Personalizing your email content to your patrons and a consistent email marketing plan will provide value to your customers and result in increased sales.

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If you’re still not sure where to start or if you need help in creating an effective digital marketing plan, let me help you. Our humanized approach specializes in customer service and creating an environment that reflects your restaurant’s brand and culture.