Creative Email Marketing Ideas for Restaurants to Increase Sales


When diners voluntarily sign up (and they will) to receive your emails, they do so because they want to hear from you on a regularly. In this article, I’m going to give you five creative email marketing tips you can use to grow sales. The key is to give your customers (and potential customers) something of value so that your email doesn’t end up in the trash folder.

Restaurant owners, contrary to what you might think, customers want to hear from you. One study found that 86% of consumers want to receive promotional emails from brands they’re interested in on a monthly basis.

5 Creative Email Marketing Tips You Can Implement Right now


As you collect email addresses from diners, also collect other pertinent information such as birthdays and anniversaries. This information is stored in the email platform that we use so that we can segment (target) a specific demographic. For instance, all October birthdays would receive a personalized happy birthday email with a coupon.

Everybody loves getting something for their birthday. Research shows that businesses who use a personalized greeting or other personalization in their promotional marketing emails have up to 27% higher unique click rates than those who do not personalize. (Source: Experian, 2016)

One-click reservation

Already set up to take reservations online? Your emails should include a link so that it takes the reader directly to your reservation site. Your audience is already “warm” to you and your email – if timed correctly – may just be the nudge necessary to get the sale. Don’t leave it to chance if the customer has to take too many virtual steps to get in your door.

Share your calendar

If a customer hasn’t been to your establishment for a while, they may not be aware that you have a new Happy Hour. Or that you have live music on Saturdays. Include a calendar of events in every email. Catch your audience before they make weekend plans. Don’t forget to include web links to save their spot or purchase advance tickets.

Get More Information

Diners like to know that their voice is heard. Thinking about a new entrée? Looking to expand your drink menu? Set up an online survey (like Survey Monkey) and link it in your email to get feedback from diners who have an interest in what you’re doing.

Deliver the Goods

Just like with online reservations, include a link to your preferred online delivery service. The email recipient is likely sitting at home or the office and with just a click of a button, they’ll get instant gratification and you get the sale. There’s no guarantee they will remember you when they’re out so strike while the fire is hot.

Research shows that email marketing’s return on investment (ROI) averages around 3800%! But you have to know how to capture those sales. These five creative email marketing ideas are designed to get your restaurant more sales. This requires a consistent email marketing plan that provides value to your customers.

If you need help getting your email marketing off the ground or just want to get more open rates (we consistently have open rates of 20 to 28% with the national average around 18%), we can help.