How to Cook Up a Great Social Media Presence for Restaurants & Chefs



If you’re in the food biz you’re probably already following your favorite celebrity chefs and food bloggers yourself.


According to Facebook, there are currently over 1.37 billion daily active users. So why would you miss out on an opportunity to reach hundreds, possibly thousands of potential diners by not posting on social media?


Coming up with a great social media recipe can be overwhelming. Fortunately, we’ve decided to share the exact three key steps that we use with our clients below:




You probably know by now that whether you’re a restaurant owner or culinary professional, a Facebook page is a must-have. Not only by posting great content can you get the word out to your fans, but you can target a specific demographic through advertising.


You can also engage with guests and develop loyal customer relationships through your Facebook page.


Pew Research found that 79% of internet users aged 30-49 were on Facebook. This means that your prime target for marketing is already on Facebook just waiting to be engaged. The more interactions guests have with your Facebook page, the greater the opportunity that current and future fans have of seeing your Facebook posts. However, this domino effect of word of mouth on Facebook starts with a great post.


Mouth-watering images like this one, for our client Big Jake’s in Texarkana, Arkansas are extremely popular with fans.


Facebook Live is another tasty tool that chef’s and restaurant owners are utilizing. People love to observe what happens behind the scenes at their favorite restaurant.


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Do you have a sale or event you want to publicize? Go live on Facebook and promote your establishment or show how you prepare a favorite dish. Don’t worry about being super polished like the chefs on TV. Being authentic is what everyone is craving these days.


Live videos like this one from our client, Bavarian Grill, are hugely popular with restaurant go-ers.




Instagram is another excellent platform for chefs and restaurants because of the world-wide appeal. Food photos are highly popular. Showcase your best dishes to all those foodies!


“It’s all about exposure,” Dominique Crenn of Atelier Crenn in San Francisco tells Wired’s Miguel Andrade. “Instagram came to give a voice to chefs and to the food they serve.”


Incorporate close-ups of ingredients or recommend food pairings so that fans know exactly what to order before they even walk through the door.


Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa cookbook author, generated more than 25,000 likes just by posting the aftermath of a Baked Alasaka.




Pinterest is a content sharing platform that allows members to “pin” images and videos to their virtual “boards”. Chefs use Pinterest to share ideas, recipes, and other food related topics of interest to them. Imagine the excitement you’ll generate when you share the recipe of a popular dish or how to perfectly sear a steak to medium-rare.


Food Network’s Alton Brown creates Pinterest boards of his favorite things including this collection of his top rated sandwiches.


Does your restaurant have a strong social media following? If not, you may not be utilizing the social platforms in the right way.


If you’re not sure where to start or if you need help in reviving your social media presence, we can help you. Our humanized approach specializes in customer service and creating an environment that reflects your restaurant’s brand and culture.


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