Our Surefire Method to Create Content in Social Media to Drive Holiday Sales – BONUS FREE CONTENT CALENDAR!



When it comes to marketing on social media content is key. Creating a plan around your content not only helps keep you organized, it establishes a human connection with your audience.


That human connection is what is going to make you appealing and eventually draw customers in.


Some of the best content comes from what your audience is already talking about – online and offline.


And with the holiday season coming up – you don’t want to miss out on potential shoppers/diners.



According to the National Retail Federation, sales in November and December account for as much 30% of a retailer’s (and restaurant's) annual sales. All the more reason to implement a holiday marketing strategy now.


Even Facebook suggests that your holiday marketing efforts start in September to October by raising brand awareness.


That’s why we’ve created our comprehensive Fall Content Calendar below.



Looking for our 12-month content calendar? Go here.



The first step is to build awareness of your brand for the holidays.


Engage your audience by asking questions. Create posts that encourage people to respond. Talk about the things they want to talk about.


Facebook expert Mari Smith says it best, “Regardless of what kind of business you’re in, the key is to realize that people are on Facebook for personal reasons. Nobody wakes up in the morning, looks at their phone and says, “Gee, I wonder what some big brand is doing today on Facebook.” They’re checking to see what’s happening in their friends’ lives. So when writing posts or creating ads, make sure you’re contributing positively to their day and their experience on Facebook.”


Next, you want to drive holiday sales to your business.


This means you showcase more of what you do or offer. Focus on people that are most likely to spend money with you. Promote specials or offers that appeal to your demographic.


Go Facebook Live and treat your customers to a brief, yet enticing, look at what you do best.



Facebook suggests that in order to drive sales to your business start targeting holiday shoppers in October to December.


When advertising on Facebook, you can attract shoppers to your physical location by targeting people near your business. Or by using call-to-action buttons on like “Get Directions” and “Call Now”, where people can tap and connect to you instantaneously.


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