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Are you struggling to post quality content on social media to break through the algorithm? Are your fans tired of seeing the same old posts? If you are an independent business owner or chef, we have three key social media tips below to help you take control of your social media marketing plan! We understand...

  Give your page a polished look with our Social Media Image Quick Guide.   The images you use on social media say a lot about your brand. Are your images blurry, pixilated, or outdated?   Social media platforms will often reformat the images you upload so that they fit within their guidelines. If your...

  When it comes to marketing on social media content is key. Creating a plan around your content not only helps keep you organized, it establishes a human connection with your audience.   That human connection is what is going to make you appealing and eventually draw customers in.   Some of the best content...

  Understanding your target audience is essential to creating an effective social media marketing plan to driving sales. If you have fantastic content and you’re showing it to the wrong audience, you’re missing the mark.     When developing a social media strategy for a prospective client, we always ask these two questions prior to implementation:...

  Online holiday related content rose by more than 25 times in November compared to the months July through October.   When it comes to engaging your audience on social media it’s important to remain relevant. Consumers that want to connect with your brand should feel that you are relatable. And with the holidays coming...

Some 23% of online adults currently use Twitter, a statistically significant increase compared with the 18% who did so in August 2013.

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