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  Last week, Facebook held its annual conference, F8 2018. Here, Mark Zuckerburg and the rest of the social media giant’s team announced several updates that will impact small business owners.   Here are just five highlights from that event that you, as a restaurant or small business owner, need to consider.   Sharing to...

  Does your brand have a voice?   Does your social media content actually engage fans?   Content marketing is not just for marketers. As a restaurant or small business owner, you can create high quality and engaging content on social media. Here are four tips to consider as you create content for your brand....

  Understanding your target audience is essential to creating an effective social media marketing plan to driving sales. If you have fantastic content and you’re showing it to the wrong audience, you’re missing the mark.     When developing a social media strategy for a prospective client, we always ask these two questions prior to implementation:...

All your Facebook Live questions answered and a Free Checklist!   We’ve accumulated the most frequently asked questions regarding Facebook Live and answered them here for you.   So even if you’re just contemplating going Live or you’re looking to improve engagement, we’ve got you covered!     Who should be going Live on Facebook?...

  Are you wasting time trying to market your brand across every social media platform?   Do you know which social media platform is best to focus your limited marketing funds and time?   Are you making marketing decisions that are actually detrimental to your success?   As a small business owner or restaurateur, we...

  As a restaurant owner, does the thought of creating original content for Facebook leave you overwhelmed?   Are you a chef that dreads posting on social media because it takes too much time?   Creating a social media strategy doesn’t have to be time consuming. What if we told you, you could create meaningful...

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