HospitalityFan Stirs Up Business for Dallas Restaurant Afrah



Outcome: We added $30,000 additional sales in the second year. Six Years later still doing business with them.

How We Did It: We spent time educating ourselves about the culture, products, and services of Afrah Mediterranean Restaurant. Helping us to emphasize the humanness, empathy and relational aspects of how we engage with a client’s audience. This is the lifeblood of HospitalityFan. We assigned a specific expert team member that understood each of the different social media platforms. As with most accounts, the team member that executes Twitter is the not the same team member who executes Facebook, as they are very different skill sets. We spent two weeks, as we do with all new accounts, managing the accounts on our dime. In turn, this allowed Afrah not to feel rushed and allowed us to fully embrace the client’s product, services and culture.