9 Statistics You Need to Know About Online Reviews Affecting Your Restaurant Business Today


Have you given up on getting quality customer online reviews on Google, Yelp, etc?

Are you plagued by 3 star and below reviews?

Are people having trouble finding your business because it lacks quality online reviews?

Online reviews continue to influence consumer’s perceptions and purchasing decisions, especially in the restaurant market. If you’re not concerned about reviews, then you need to take a look at these stats.

1. The vast majority of consumers (86%) read reviews for local businesses.

2. For the sixth year running, consumers are most likely to read reviews for restaurants and cafés. In fact, even more consumers read restaurant reviews this year than they did the year before.

3. Positive reviews make 68% of consumers more likely to use local businesses, while negative reviews stop 40% of consumers wanting to use a business

4. 91% of 18-34-year-olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

5. 57% of consumers won’t use a business that has fewer than 4 stars (up from 48% in 2017)

6. 85% of consumers think that online reviews older than 3 months aren’t relevant and 40% of consumers only care about reviews submitted within the last two weeks

7. 89% of consumers read local businesses’ responses to reviews

8. 86% of consumers would consider leaving reviews for businesses

9. 66% of consumers have been asked to leave a review (down from 74% last year) and 70% of consumers that have been asked to leave reviews went on to do so.

This research just proves the importance of reviews and how influential they are to generate new customers. Not only should your business be encouraging reviews, but you need to be managing the reviews that are coming in. That includes being active on all review platforms and responding personally to all reviews (good and bad).

What if I told you there’s a way to get more positive reviews legitimately? My review management strategy does just that.

Imagine every happy customer you encounter willing to leave a positive review before they even leave your business. It’s possible and non-invasive. After all, 70% of consumers that have been asked to leave reviews went on to do so.

Now imagine this influx of positive (and genuine) reviews front and center when a potential guest visits your website. It’s like stacking the deck without begging for reviews from friends and family (which is unethical).

The alternative is discovering that your target demographic is turning away because they’re unable to find enough timely reviews to influence their decision. Worse yet, they see multiple unanswered negative reviews and leave with a negative impression of your business without ever stepping on your premises.

Don’t ignore one of the most powerful tools to propel your business to the next level. Your customers have a voice and I can show you how to utilize their opinion to your benefit.